Secrets, Stories and Surprises: Taking Tanium Management to the Next Level

You’ve deployed Tanium and tackled your initial set of use cases. What’s next? How do you build on initial success, increase your skill with the platform, and deliver even greater value to your organization? In this session, two experts will share critical keys to unlocking the full power of Tanium. Topics will include the importance of addressing “people” and “process” elements of Tanium adoption, the potential and promise of “data-as-a-service,” and other ways you can improve Tanium use and impact internally.

Our speakers bring over a decade of real-world Tanium experience and offer an unmatched perspective through engagements with hundreds of Tanium customers. Tim Morris, Tanium Chief Security Advisor, deployed and managed one of Tanium's largest deployments for over 8 years. Kevin Chu, prior to founding his own Tanium specialist consulting company, created and scaled Tanium’s Technical Account Management organization. Bring your questions, perspective, and ideas to this engaging presentation and discussion.

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Tanium Platform
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In-Person, Breakout