How Novacoast Leverages Tanium Provision​ Helping Our Customers More Securely Image Endpoints​ ​

Many organizations lack security fundamentals when it comes to OS Imaging. Stale, out-of-date images are the norm. Conversions to current operating systems lag due to complexity of modifying and creating gold images. Novacoast has been providing an OS Imaging Service that creates and (more importantly) keeps customer gold images up to date with security patches, for over 2 decades. To provide this service we created an imaging methodology that incorporates multiple layers. By separating the base OS, each individual customer's customizations, and drivers into separate "layers", we have created an environment with which through economies of scale allows us to provide this service for a much lower cost than the customer can provide themselves. With the introduction of Tanium's Provision module, Tanium's delivery methodolgy of OS imaging blends perfectly with Novacoast's layered approach. This allows us to provide our up-to-date, patched, gold OS Images to our customers with very little effort for the customer.

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