Everything New is Old Again: How Tanium Can Help You Prepare When 1 + 1 = 11

This won't be your last upgrade, whether we're talking about workstations, servers, Windows, Linux or Mac. Organizations cannot upgrade what they don't see and if you don’t have visibility over your current environment, configuration management becomes more complex. With Tanium you have a platform that enables visibility of your network connecting you with accurate real-time data that give you a decision advantage as you prepare for technology modernization challenges.                                                                                          

In this session, we highlight the functionality in Tanium which can assess and display your readiness to upgrade workstations to Windows 11. These Tanium capabilities also illuminate configuration variance within your environment. We also demonstrate how to display your readiness so you can track progress towards your modernization goals and have confidence that your environment is configured, compliant, and capable to meet your operational needs . We then extend this discussion to demonstrate how the up-to-date inventory and reporting in Tanium can be used to answer questions about IT modernization throughout your environment so that you're already prepared for the next upgrade. 

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Discovery & Inventory, , Threat Hunting
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In-Person, Breakout