A Window Into Cyber Operations Risk Posture – Integrating, Automating and Visualizing Risk for Leaders with PwC and Tanium

Risk reporting and risk mitigation actions continue to be a challenge; the data takes staff away from other important tasks and data is often stale and outdated by the time it reaches leadership. Leaders need an automated risk reporting capability that provides near real-time reporting capability while enabling their staff to take the necessary risk mitigation activities identified through a data-driven lens. PwC has built a clear and actionable near real-time risk platform, “Leader Insights” that provides Cyber and IT OPS leaders an easy to consume storyline distilled into key themes for quick decision-making. PwC found that organizations that deployed “Leader Insights” reduced mean time to remediation by 15%.

Attend this session to learn why this level of visibility is so important and how a real-time dashboard helps leaders respond more effectively to a wide range of IT security challenges allowing your organization to get started today.

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In-Person, Breakout