Using Tanium to Shift Security and Build a Secure Image Pipeline

Lowe’s Endpoint Protection has developed a secure image pipeline to ensure that operating system images for 4 Linux distributions are produced on a monthly basis, contain the pre-configured endpoint security stack, are hardened per Lowe’s minimum-security baselines, and have passed a Tanium-delivered configuration compliance scan.

Key Points:

  • Automation – Lowe’s is developing automated solutions to shift security left, mitigating risk and reducing the need for significant manual effort while building secure operating system images that contain the endpoint security stack by default.
  • Innovation – The Lowe’s Secure OS Image pipeline makes use of unpublished, undocumented functionality within the Tanium client architecture. To our knowledge, Lowe’s is the only organization leveraging this new client feature set.

Additional details:

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Risk & Compliance Management
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