The Florida Digital Service’s Innovative Approach to Statewide Cybersecurity Initiatives

With over $100M in funding provided by the State legislature, the Florida Digital Service is launching a historic collaboration with more than 30 state agencies to provide enhanced, standardized threat protection and end user defense. Join this fireside chat with State CIO, Jamie Grant to learn how his leadership in leaning in with digital transformation, cybersecurity and optimization has delivered ongoing cybersecurity collaboration across the more than 30 agencies for the first time in Florida’s history.  With Jamie taking the states first comprehensive view on IT management and cybersecurity, decreasing risk and saving taxpayers’ dollars are the state’s top priorities. As a visionary leader, Jamie understood the significance of Microsoft and Tanium working in conjunction, and successfully implemented these technologies in partnership together.   As he manages IT for one of the largest economies in the world, ensuring cybersecurity collaboration across all state and local organizations, will enhance the safety and success of Florida’s citizens.

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In-Person, U.S. Public Sector Track