U.S. Public Sector Track Sessions

Public Sector Track Kick Off
Join us as we kick-off the Public Sector track at Converge featuring informative and engaging addresses from Tanium Public Sector leadership. 

Speed to maneuver in cyber space
Access to real time data enables situational awareness. Situational awareness enables command and control similar to any other battle space. Conducting effective C2 in the form of patching, remediation and enterprise response actions becomes difficult at the scale of DOD using legacy tools. Tanium as an endpoint platform was purpose built to address these challenges at scale.
Securing the 2020 US Census with Tanium
Conducting the Decennial Census is a constitutional requirement and significant undertaking. As the largest non-military operation in the U.S., the Census Bureau put considerable effort into planning, hiring, and training resources who ultimately canvassed the nation to collect critical household data. This monumental effort took years to strategize and created one of the largest, and most distributed IT environments in the world. As expected, managing, and securing the Decennial and its systems was a massive undertaking that required exceptional planning and execution. In this session, learn how the US Census leveraged Tanium’s robust platform as a key enablement tool to secure and manage a disparate population of systems critical for the success of its mission. Also, hear how Tanium was extended, customized, and tailored in an efficient and repeatable manner to affect enterprise grade success and target outcomes.

Using Tanium as an Enterprise Platform
The conversation will center around Contra Costa County's transition from on-premise to Tanium Cloud Service. They will discuss the governance and decision making around managing an enterprise implementation of Tanium utilizing Role Based Access. This is one of the first Tanium government customers that have transitioned to the cloud platform and plan to reduce many tools as a result of this effort. The CIO and CISO are open to sharing best practices and lessons learned with the government community. and how they utilize Tanium as an enterprise platform. This includes the integration with Microsoft products and CrowdStrike and how it allows the County to have a comprehensive CyberSecurity Program.
Cyber-Ready – A More Secure and Lethal Marine Corps.
Learn what "cyber-ready" means to the Marine Corps and the transformational and technological approaches that were implemented within the Marine Corps. This fireside chat will also delve into myriad of topics ranging from talent management, data security and availability, remediation, automation, cyber security innovation, and more.

The Florida Digital Service’s Innovative Approach to Statewide Cybersecurity Initiatives
With over $100M in funding provided by the State legislature, the Florida Digital Service is launching a historic collaboration with more than 30 state agencies to provide enhanced, standardized threat protection and end user defense. Join this fireside chat with State CIO, Jamie Grant to learn how his leadership in leaning in with digital transformation, cybersecurity and optimization has delivered ongoing cybersecurity collaboration across the more than 30 agencies for the first time in Florida’s history.  With Jamie taking the states first comprehensive view on IT management and cybersecurity, decreasing risk and saving taxpayers’ dollars are the state’s top priorities. As a visionary leader, Jamie understood the significance of Microsoft and Tanium working in conjunction, and successfully implemented these technologies in partnership together.   As he manages IT for one of the largest economies in the world, ensuring cybersecurity collaboration across all state and local organizations, will enhance the safety and success of Florida’s citizens.


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