Breaking Silos and Making Friends

Tanium's platform approach provides a unique way to bring teams together. With today's prolific tool suites, it takes a practitioner time to evaluate what their true risk is in their enterprise, and how best to mitigate/remediate these items. This goes beyond identifying unmanaged systems and bringing them under compliance. It must include populating a proper CMDB, identifying what the riskiest areas are, and applying the proper methods to remediate them. In today’s Enterprises, we commonly see multiple teams using their own tools to gather information, but as we know this data is outdated, inaccurate, or just can't be used, because of the time involved to do the correlation between the tools.

With Tanium, this lab will show how quickly you can discover, and bring these endpoints under control. Adding them into a CMDB is just the beginning. Understanding how these unmanaged systems have been impacting your Risk (and you didn't even know it), and what those systems can also affect should they be compromised. These steps traditionally have been done by multiple teams, with multiple tools. We want to break these silos and get teams talking and working together. To do this we will attempt to demonstrate what each team can see and do within the Tanium Platform, making for a better understanding of the entire enterprise, by providing a single pane of glass to everyone.

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Discovery & Inventory, Client Management, , Sensitive Data Monitoring
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