Mallory Fannin

Mallory Fannin
Strategic Sales
Advizex/Central Point Partners

About Mallory:

Faster than an urgent purchase order. More powerful than a mommy tiger. Able to run marathons while on sales call. Look! Up in the conference room! It's a sales rep. It's a partner. It's Mallory Fannin! Strange Visitor from Ohio University with powers and abilities above that of mere mortal women. She has long sought a proper league for which to use her talents, and at last, she has found them...

Gathered together from the farthest reaches of business, here in this great Hall of Advizex, are the most powerful forces of partnering ever assembled: SECURITY! BACKUP and CONTINUITY! PURCHASING! MONITORING! And Central Point Partners: STAFFING and AUGMENTATION! Dedicated to excellence, service and support for all mankind!