TJ White

TJ White
Vice Admiral (Ret.) & Strategic Advisor
Imperium Global Advisors

About TJ:

A 30-plus year national security practitioner, strategist, and cyber operations expert leading joint military formations and combined intelligence community organizations. He has commanded at all levels within the Navy and Joint Service, most recently as United States Fleet Cyber Command / TENTH Fleet / Navy Space Command, and previously the Commander, United States Cyber National Mission Force. A former Director of Intelligence for US Indo-Pacific Command, he has served globally in combat zones and conflict areas supporting competition dynamics. He holds diplomas from the US Naval Academy, Naval Postgraduate School, Naval War College, and National Defense University, among others. A former CINCPACFLT Shiphandler-of-the-Year, he misses his days driving a Battleship. He is committed to talent management because up-gunned organizations are made up of up-skilled people. He assesses we are in a race condition, no longer possessing the luxury of time, distance, and accepted international standards as great power competition accelerates.