Creating Custom Content to Solve Those Complex Business Challenges

Tanium was built to run code across vast numbers of endpoints at global scale in seconds, with the flexibility to solve the difficult problems unique to your organization by being highly customizable. Tanium is pretty comprehensive but can't predict EVERY question you might want to ask or make EVERY change to your endpoints you might need to. By writing your own sensors and packages, you can take advantage of Tanium's speed and scale to solve the unique challenges that your business faces.

But what happens when you take on increasingly complex business problems that require increasingly complex solutions? In this lab, you will learn advanced techniques for creating custom content, to help you take advantage of the Tanium platform to solve these more complex business challenges. If you've been developing content for Tanium for a while, this lab takes it to the next level!

Pre-Req(s): Basic understanding of Tanium; asking questions and deploying actions. Some prior experience of building custom code and having attended last year’s “Code Your Way to Freedom” is ideal

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Poppy - 4th Floor

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Tanium Platform
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In-Person, Lab
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Construction, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Government - Federal, Government - Local, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Holding Companies & Conglomerates, Insurance, Law Firms & Legal Services, Media & Internet, Media & Telecommunications, Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Professional & Business Services, Real Estate, Retail & Hospitality, Software & Technology, Other, Agriculture, Mining & Raw Materials, Energy, Utilities & Waste, Facilities, Lodging & Resorts, Clinics, Manufacturing, Construction & Wholesale, Trade, Transportation Service, Hospitals & Physicians