Building Custom Solutions With Tanium Reporting

Learn how to use Tanium's Reporting dashboards to create user interfaces for Tanium-powered workflows. In the first part of the lab, you will learn how to create an example Dashboard tracking usage of specific expensive software suites and connecting Tanium Actions to clean up those products where unused. In the second part, you will learn the tips, tricks, and best practices for developing your own custom workflows within Tanium.

Pre-Req(s): Basic understanding of Tanium and Tanium Custom Content (WBT Course Registration Link)

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Tanium Platform
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Virtual, Self-Service Lab
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Construction, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Government - Federal, Government - Local, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Holding Companies & Conglomerates, Insurance, Law Firms & Legal Services, Media & Internet, Media & Telecommunications, Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Professional & Business Services, Real Estate, Retail & Hospitality, Software & Technology, Other, Agriculture, Mining & Raw Materials, Energy, Utilities & Waste, Facilities, Lodging & Resorts, Clinics, Manufacturing, Construction & Wholesale, Trade, Transportation Service, Hospitals & Physicians