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Each group in our organization is managing a separate sets of data on the same endpoints. Finding the go to people to gather subsets of data greatly slows the speed of being able to respond to data requests and find problems. Due to the effort involved in finding data from different sources, the age of the data caused inaccuracies in the results.

Tanium started out in our environment as a SOC tool, but has involved into being the most complete and single source for information in our organization.

Initially we started using Tanium for SOC investigation and security agent reporting of endpoint health state. Due to Tanium being on every endpoint it became valuable to our organization outside of the security realm. We are now using Tanium to identify problems with applications, beginning to use it to age out unused software to free up license requirements and reduce risk footprint. Tanium has brought a level of fidelity in our data that would take sometimes weeks to get the information needed. This is allowing us to respond to issues quicker and even automating the process.

We have now using Tanium to automate the deploy security agents where missing. Our future is to further automate the troubleshooting process, and eliminate tasks that would have to be done by a technician to remediate. This allows for our technical staff to focus on more complex issues and projects.

Tanium has allowed Aegon to have better and more accurate data to make decisions in a more timely manner. It also also brought attention to areas in our organization the needed improvement, this is due to the visibility across multiple organization layers.

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