Quest for the One Ring: Beyond Patch Management to a Cornerstone of Endpoint Strategy

During the Converge conference held last year, I had the privilege of recounting my quest for an optimal patch management solution that could fulfill a set of pivotal requirements. This pursuit led me to the discovery of Tanium, a solution that not only satisfied our needs but exceeded our expectations.

We diligently sought a user-friendly, seamlessly integrated patch management solution that would not burden us with unnecessary complexity.

The automation of our patching process became the bedrock of our overarching philosophy. While we acknowledged the criticality of patching, we were steadfast in our determination to minimise the allocation of excessive time and effort to this task alone. As our patching processes and workflows matured, we ventured into exploring additional use cases beyond the realm of patch management.

This year, I am delighted to share how Tanium has evolved from a patch management solution to become a cornerstone of our endpoint security strategy.

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Verbena - 4th Floor

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Risk & Compliance, Incident Response
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In-Person, Breakout