Tanium 4 IT ?

Tanium has addressed two of our main problems: 1) Information inconsistency and visibility and 2) Disparate system used by IT teams across the globe. In this talk, you will learn how we became more efficient and became an enabler for other IT teams, now have better data within our CMDB, leading to much better remediation planning. We’re currently in the process of phasing out SCCM, migrating use-cases such as Software Deployment to either Intune or Tanium, with most currently moving to Tanium and exploring how to expand the value of Tanium via other areas of the Tanium XEM platform such as digital experience, certificate management, and remote screensharing, and how to ensure that our IT community actually uses Tanium in their day to day.

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Sunflower - 4th Floor

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Endpoint Management, Digital Employee Experience, XEM Core (includes Asset Discovery & Inventory), Technology Integrations (e.g. ServiceNow, Microsoft, etc.), Incident Response
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In-Person, Breakout