Using Tanium Deploy to Expediate Software Installations

Background: Before rolling out Tanium to our Manufacturing sites, each site used a very manual process to install patches, software, updates, etc. It was not a uniform process either, some sites used SCCM, manual updates, or didn't update at all just because it was so difficult.

Approach: Tanium was installed/in the process of being installed on all Manufacturing clients/locations. Once Tanium was installed processes to push out patches were created and now we have any easy way to install software on Manufacturing devices without having to manually install the software one by one or via SCCM. Specifically, we are using Tanium to deploy a new Anti-virus solution, and to remove the old AV tools. This saves a ton of time.

Findings: Manufacturing has a lot of use cases for using Deploy to push out software or updates to sensitives clients. Either via self-service, or admin deployment. Manufacturing uses this flexibility which also does not require a reboot. We have used self-service/deployments to install CrowdStrike AV and set up proxy servers at various Manufacturing plants without manual intervention.

Roadmap: Continue to use Deploy to push out CrowdStrike and other software to Manufacturing.

Conclusion: Tanium has allowed us to update our Manufacturing devices at a staggeringly fast rate. We no longer have uncoordinated rollouts of tools and updates. Plants/sites are more organized and running more efficiently.

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