Global Manufacturing Fireside Chat: Merged, Managed, Secured with Tanium

There are really good odds you have sat in a Herman Miller chair. In 2021 they merged with Knoll, unifying 16 subsidiary brands. How does Tanium unify them into a cohesive infrastructure? How do you manage and secure mission critical Windows and Linux endpoints in manufacturing and industrial environments? What are the nuances of preserving uptime while ensuring against malware risk? What are the benefits of using Tanium over point solutions? What modules are customers leveraging in manufacturing environments? How can Tanium help with regulatory compliance and security frameworks? Find answers to these questions and more in this fireside chat with MillerKnoll.

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Iris - 4th Floor

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Endpoint Management, Risk & Compliance, XEM Core (includes Asset Discovery & Inventory), Technology Integrations (e.g. ServiceNow, Microsoft, etc.), Incident Response
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In-Person, Breakout