Beyond Assumptions - Leveraging the Power of Endpoint Insights

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and IT operations, the power to gain actionable insights from your endpoints is indispensable. Tanium, renowned for its formidable capabilities, empowers you to ask virtually anything about your endpoints, either individually or collectively. Yet, as Shakespearean wisdom reminds us, "To ask or not to ask," therein lies the crucial question.

This session at the Tanium Converge Conference delves into the essence of leveraging Tanium to its fullest potential. We explore how Tanium can provide answers based on the questions you pose, shaped by your assumptions about where issues may reside. But here's the crux—relying solely on your preconceived notions and faith can lead to blind spots.

We will emphasize the importance of using Tanium's built-in dashboards and the ones we've meticulously crafted. They serve as your beacon through the complex web of endpoints, guiding you towards a proactive, data-driven approach. Whether it's ensuring compliance with CIS 18 Controls, monitoring workstation health, or tracking patching status, Tanium has you covered.

The key takeaway from this session is clear: By embracing Tanium's capabilities and broadening your inquiry horizons, you can transcend assumptions and uncover hidden vulnerabilities. As the indomitable Captain James T. Kirk would inquire, "What does God need with a starship?" In the realm of endpoint management, the answer lies in your willingness to ask and explore the unknown. Join us on this enlightening journey to unleash the true potential of Tanium at the Tanium Converge Conference.

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Iris - 4th Floor

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XEM Core
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In-Person, Breakout