Center of Excellence: A Journey to Global Endpoint Management

At the Converge conference last year, I had the opportunity to discuss my journey in search of an optimal patch management solution that aligned with our key requirements. This pursuit led me to discover Tanium, a solution that not only met but exceeded our expectations.

Our quest was for a user-friendly patch management solution that seamlessly fit into our processes without unnecessary complexity. Automating our patching became central to our approach. While we understood the importance of patching, we were committed to minimizing the time and effort spent on this task. As our patching workflows matured, we explored new use cases beyond patch management.

This year, I am pleased to share how Tanium has evolved from a patch management solution into a fundamental component of our endpoint security strategy. The implementation of Tanium has empowered our teams, enhancing operational efficiency and strengthening our cybersecurity defenses. Through the integration of Tanium modules, we have achieved a more unified and responsive endpoint management approach. This enables us to proactively safeguard our network and assets with remarkable speed and effectiveness.

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Iris - 4th Floor

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Endpoint Management, Risk & Compliance, XEM Core (includes Asset Discovery & Inventory), Technology Integrations (e.g. ServiceNow, Microsoft, etc.)
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In-Person, Breakout