PwC’s Cyber Hygiene Best Practices and a Roadmap to Building a NextGen SOC

IT and Security leaders, regardless of company size, face the same challenges in managing and de-risking their IT environment. But smaller firms often lack the same tools, controls, and manpower that their larger counterparts have access to. PwC is helping their customers leverage a cyber hygiene assessment powered by Tanium to gain real-time visibility and endpoint data to develop a shared roadmap for success. Hear insights and learnings on how PwC and their customers developed a strategic approach, developed a hybrid support model to outsource some functions while keeping others in-house, integrated Tanium with Microsoft Sentinel as part of their managed SOC, and enriched their asset management with real-time endpoint data from Tanium. 

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Poppy - 4th Floor

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Endpoint Management, XEM Core, Incident Response
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In-Person, Breakout