Kimberly Hayes

Kimberly Hayes
Staff VP/Manager Infrastructure Enablement
FM Global

About Kimberly:

An accomplished and results-driven senior leader with extensive experience in global operations, client management and technology. A creative and results-oriented problem solver with the ability to develop visionary solutions to resolve complex business and technical challenges. She was featured in the December 2021 issue of Rhode Island Monthly as a recipient of the Tech10 Award for her Innovation in Technology.

Kim believes in fostering a culture of performance and empowerment, while maintaining her positive reputation as an agent of change and significant growth, for her workforce and clients alike. A progressive leader with strong team-building skills focused on quality, productivity, accountability, and results.

Kim has with over 25 years of experience across multiple vertical markets (Automotive, Consumer, Education, Finance, Government (State & Local), Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Technology and Telecommunication). Kim has worked with a variety of large corporations throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

Kim is a Wallstreet Journal Bestselling author of the book called Born to Rise: How 22 Extraordinary Women Rewrote Their Stories, Claimed Their Power, and Followed Their Dreams . The Born to Rise book project brought together 22 women who shared stories of fear, loss, heartbreak, anxiety, and doubt, and how they chose to RISE above and reclaim their power.