Frank Venezia

Frank Venezia
Managing Director

About Frank:

Frank Venezia is the Americas IT Asset Management (ITAM) Leader. He is based in the New York City, NY area and has over 20 years of experience advising businesses and clients on IT infrastructure and IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions. He has experience in SAM/ITAM governance processes and procedures, IT vendor management and contract optimization, SW compliance and verification, SW license optimization and ITAM services. His experience spans multiple industries, including Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Telecommunications. He is a member of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) and holds the Certified Asset Manager Security Expert (CAMSE) certification, among others. •Over the past 20 years, Frank has led IT vendor management and contract optimization negotiations both in the marketplace and with the manufacturer for multiple IT manufacturers, such as IBM, HP, Oracle, etc. •He has assisted clients in addressing audit, compliance and verification challenges with their SW licensing estate both internally and within a cloud environment. The licensing addressed has been for a broad spectrum of products sets and licensing rules for multiple manufacturers, e.g., IBM, Oracle, and SAP. •He has worked on multiple engagements assisting clients in assessing their ITAM program processes, procedures and people. These efforts have assisted clients on progressing through the ISO mature curve for ITAM programs. These engagements have aided organizations to take identified actions to address immediate issues and long-term strategies. •He has a detailed understanding on the required processes, tools and roles to set up a successful ITAM team enabling organizations to reduce risks and remove expense from their SW estate aiding in the overall IT organization objectives. •He has worked with a range of industry-leading ITAM tool providers for discovery and license management solutions for advising companies on processes and procedures for the automation of compliance tracking and license self-reporting. He is a regular speaker at IAITAM conferences around the world, most recently the 2023 IAITAM ACE Conference, and publishes thought leadership regularly in the ITAK affiliated with IAITAM.