Peeyush Patel

Peeyush Patel
XPO Logistics

About Peeyush:

Peeyush has built a reputation as a visionary, transformational leader, and digital enabler. He is a respected, collaborative, and accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of Cyber and technology expertise. His career experiences and impactful contributions have quickly elevated him to leadership responsibilities in the organizations in which he serves or has served. He is a battle tested transformation leader able to create shareholder value and build a security aware culture. In his current role as the Global CISO of XPO Peeyush has transformed the Global Security Office by maturing the overall program structure. Peeyush has advanced and expanded the security program with a primary focus on the integration of Information Technology and Information Security through unified risk management solutions. He reduced the attack surface by over 70% by adopting a ‘zero trust model’, while enabling the shift of 35% of the technology landscape to the cloud using Security by Design principles. In his time at Careem (an Uber Subsidiary) Peeyush held the position of the CIO and CISO. In this role, Peeyush was responsible for overall technology and cyber strategy, leadership, and governance for Careem’s business entities including information security program, technology and risk platform, data protection and privacy. Under his tenure as CIO, Careem’s customer base expanded from 45M customers to over 100M customers and business expanded to into 8 vertical markets During his tenure at McKesson (a Fortune #7), he secured the vaccine delivery program (Operation Warp Speed) for US DoD while modernizing and transforming the Cybersecurity function into a business enabler. He enhanced the patient experience and acquisition strategies while securing the transition to telehealth and digital pharmacy businesses during the Covid19 pandemic. Prior to McKesson, Peeyush was the Chief Information and Product Security Officer for Experian (a FTSE #8) where he shepherded the firm through public breach in 2016. He designed and implemented a world class cyber security program with data science as a foundation to align senior executives on specific techniques to shrink the enterprise cyber-attack surface. He used innovative cyber security control design to enhance defense in depth while securing credit information for ~ 2.5B consumers worldwide. Previously, he led Information Security and Risk Organizations at BlackRock (world’s largest multinational asset manager with ~$8.5Trillion under management) and SMBC (6th largest bank by assets). Peeyush served on the Board of Directors for National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC), a nonaligned forum to work with public policy makers, members of congress, and agencies to protect the nation, public and private industries from malicious cyber activity. He is also passionate in advancing women in technology as demonstrated by his role on the Board for ‘Girls who Code’. In addition, he is differentially focused on advancing the experiences of minorities in corporate America as reflected by his leadership role and sponsorship of Pan Asian Voices for Excellence. In recognition of his experience and thought leadership, he is a sought-after speaker at key industry conferences such as RSA Security, Defcon and BlackHat. He also serves as an advisor for technology and security products for organizations such as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM (Redhat), Palo Alto and Zscaler. Peeyush holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas and enjoys golfing and spending time with his family while not in the office.