How Our Best Security Teams Get Better With Tanium

Cyber Security is a complex topic that many organizations struggle to implement and mature. More specifically, Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Security Teams face the never-ending battle of administrating and operationalizing security tools to keep up with the latest threats. Additionally, Security Teams bear the responsibility of managing large sets of data across these tools. In response, Security Teams can leverage Tanium Threat Response to quickly address these areas of concern.

In this session, participants will gain an overview of Tanium Threat Response and demonstrate hands-on experience with the following:

  • Creating Threat Response profiles according to Tanium’s Best Practices
  • Conducting health assessments on Threat Response environments with the Tanium ESOSS team
  • Configuring a Threat Response “stream configuration” to send data from endpoints into Splunk
  • Orchestrating and monitoring an attack scenario using CALDERA and Tanium Threat Response Leveraging pre-built “Threat Discovery” dashboards to proactively monitor and respond to threats

Pre Req(s): Basic familiarity with cybersecurity and/or a security-focused background


Additional Details:

Session Type: 

Products & Solutions: Core, Threat Response

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Focus: Security