Increasing Productivity With the Tanium REST API

REST APIs provide a mechanism which web requests can be used to create, read, update, and delete information from a web server. This has the advantage of being platform and programming language agnostic. Almost all modern programming languages support web requests and the manipulation of JSON files. Tanium has standardized on a common interface for system integration using the REST API. Leveraging the Tanium REST API can increase productivity in business processes and enrich the data used by those processes.

Tanium APIs can manage most of the common Tanium platform management and execution tasks for content and objects including those with Packages, Sensors, Actions, Users Groups and more.  

In this lab, we start with the basics of calling REST using Curl and Postman and then move into automating the issue of actions, questions and other tasks using PowerShell and Python scripts.  

Pre Req(s): Basic Tanium Operator experience, Familiarity with Python and/or PowerShell 


Additional Details:

Session Type: 

Products & Solutions: Core, Threat Response

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Focus: Security, Administrator, Operations, Risk