Plan Before You Merge – Learn from PwC’s Playbook for a Successful M&A Project

As organizations look to expand their products and services, they often acquire companies and IP through a merger or acquisition. Good leaders understand that the most important part of an M&A is evaluating the cybersecurity posture of an acquired company BEFORE integrating it into existing network(s). Attend this session to hear more about PwC’s proven playbook – using Tanium – to provide visibility across the Cyber and IT Ops landscape, better understanding of security posture, and effective remediation of critical findings prior to any M&A.

Runtime: 10min


Corbin Dryden - PwC
Joel Leichty - PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Product Sales LLC (PWC US - Partner)

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Products & Solutions: Asset, Comply, Discover, Patch

Difficulty: Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced

Focus: Security, Administrator, Operations, Risk