Multi-Layered Threat Prevention Platform Powered by Tanium + Deep Instinct

Attend this session to learn how Deep Instinct and Tanium are working by providing a truly innovative malware and ransomware prevention solution integrated with the Tanium platform. The Tanium Security Platform can be augmented with the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform creating a layered, two-prong prevention-first approach to cyber security. Now not only will Tanium customers be able to see, patch, and maintain pristine cyber hygiene for 100% of their endpoints, but they also can add an additional layer of protection for supported devices powered by Deep Instinct’s deep learning-based platform that can prevent attacks before they affect the endpoint.


Scott Chennels - Deep Instinct Ltd (Partner)
Derek Carver - Tanium

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Products & Solutions: Threat Response

Difficulty: Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced

Focus: Security, Administrator, Operations, Risk