Aniket Bhardwaj

Aniket Bhardwaj

Vice President - Global Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Charles River Associates

About Aniket Bhardwaj:
Aniket Bhardwaj is an expert in incident response services and cyber intrusion investigations. He has over 15 years of experience helping clients through crises and breach response investigations involving state-sponsored threat actors. Aniket provides proactive threat detection services by conducting cyber hygiene and compromise discovery assessments and providing strategic and tactical threat intelligence services to his clients. Aniket’s experience includes tracking nation-state adversaries, threat actors involved with cyber espionage, and financially motivated crime groups, including insider threats. When not working on crisis engagements, Aniket leads pre- and post-incident service offerings, working with clients to improve their forensic maturity and enhance their ability to respond. Aniket has managed maturity programs for various clients to establish their incident and threat management programs. He assists clients in conducting incident readiness engagements, including incident response plans and playbooks on malware analysis, business email compromise, and ransomware investigations. Aniket frequently moderates tabletop simulations for organizations to help build the muscle memory for detection and response programs. Aniket has multiple industry accreditations. He is SANS GIAC certified with Forensic Analyst (GCFA), Malware Reverse Engineering (GREM), Network Forensic Analyst (GNFA), and Intrusion Analyst (GCIA). Aniket is a trained professional in Memory & Digital forensics, Advanced Incident Response, including Assessments within Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Aniket earned a Master’s degree in Security from Johns Hopkins University and is currently pursuing his MA in International Affairs from King’s College, London with a specialization in Espionage and Surveillance. He is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.