Securing the 2020 US Census with Tanium

Conducting the Decennial Census is a constitutional requirement and significant undertaking. As the largest non-military operation in the U.S., the Census Bureau put considerable effort into planning, hiring, and training resources who ultimately canvassed the nation to collect critical household data. This monumental effort took years to strategize and created one of the largest, and most distributed IT environments in the world. As expected, managing, and securing the Decennial and its systems was a massive undertaking that required exceptional planning and execution. In this session, learn how the US Census leveraged Tanium’s robust platform as a key enablement tool to secure and manage a disparate population of systems critical for the success of its mission. Also, hear how Tanium was extended, customized, and tailored in an efficient and repeatable manner to affect enterprise grade success and target outcomes.

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In-Person, U.S. Public Sector Track