Risk, Patch, and Vulnerability Management – Taking a 360-Degree Strategic Advisory Approach at HUB International

Beginning with a desire to better understand critical cyber security risks 12 months ago, CRA utilized Tanium and complementary tools to help HUB International scope, diagnose, and remediate HUB’s environment, starting with a security hygiene assessment and then probing deeper based on the information gathered.

CRA and HUB then leveraged the Tanium platform and information gathered during the assessment to embark on a comprehensive program to build a best-in-class security/risk management workflow. Their strategic, integrated approach to asset visibility/discovery/management, vulnerability management and patch management, has the dual objectives of minimizing the chance and severity of security incidents, while realizing a quantifiable return on investment based on an integrated asset/vulnerability/patch solution based on a single source of truth.

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Wisteria - 4th Floor

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Endpoint Management, Risk & Compliance Management, XEM Core
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In-Person, Breakout